When your BODY feels better, more relaxed,

      Your MIND can become  calm, clear, and focused.

             You can then learn to trust your own SOUL’s wisdom.


Grace & Ease can help.

In today’s busy world,      it’s so  easy to become overworked, overwrought, overdone.

You deserve better.

sometimes we simply need someone to give us a helping hand, a massage, some intuitive, caring guidance to  help us know what we already know in our hearts.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. We are meant to thrive. 

Leslie Norris founded Grace & Ease (formerly Light Touch Therapeutic Massage) in 1989.  In addition to therapeutic massage, Leslie offers intuitive guidance coaching sessions.

An intuitive with over 33 years of professional massage therapy experience, she is dedicated to promoting your health and well-being. In her private, home-based practice, you and Leslie will work together to help you to relax, release stress and tension, aid in recovery from injury or surgery and help you cope with chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia. 

You know your body best. Leslie will listen to you and tailor your massage therapy session to your current needs. Drawing upon her training in Swedish, Esalen, Trigger Point Therapy, LaStone Therapy and Mari-El energy work, she is able to create a unique experience just for you.




Massage Therapy

Whether you are seeking support to heal from illness or injury or looking for deep relaxation and stress relief, Grace & Ease can help. Leslie offers a number of therapy options and will work with you to create the perfect unique combination for your best massage experience – reducing stress, increasing circulation, assisting in alleviating pain and helping your body to relax deeply. Massage sessions can be combined with an intuitive guidance session for an even deeper mind, body, soul experience.

Intuitive Guidance

We are all intuitive – we have all experienced nudges, a feeling in our body or thoughts in our mind that have guided our way in the world. We use the phrases “I just had a gut feeling, it just felt right, I just knew I could trust something or someone.” Sometimes, though, we need help to remember “we know what we know.” Leslie’s joy is to help you remember. Using her own intuition, as well as oracle and angel cards, the two of you will dialogue together to bring clarity in your next steps in living your best life here and now.