Grace & Ease returns this summer         to our beautiful outdoor setting!


I understand. In many ways, this is all new. I have created a space that will bring you the very best of the old Grace & Ease combined with a new, relaxing, soothing outdoor massage experience. Last summer, we began Grace & Ease 2.0 and disovered, together, how healing adding a natural environment to massage can be. I can’t wait to open our new season June 1!

 It’s time… to breathe,                    to restore your body               & your soul.


Keeping You Safe

While the most recent CDC guidelines indicate that fully vaccinated folk can go maskless pretty darn near everywhere, I am choosing to err on the side of everyone’s safety.

My entire household is fully vaccinated, but I am happy to wear a mask and/or face shield while giving you a massage. If you are fully vaccinated, you may choose whether or not to wear a mask when lying face up on the table. When face down, a mask is not required.

If you are not yet fully vaccinated, I am requiring that you wear a mask during your appointment. It is not necessary to mask when you are face down. I have made an adaptation with my table that allows for ease in breathing, but is COVID safe.

You may indicate your vaccination status on your health intake form (required).

Health Intake Form

Save Time ~ Download your Health Intake Form here, print it and either bring it to your appointment or drop it in the mail!


Weather or Not – Summer is coming, Rain or Shine!

I am so excited to be able to offer you online scheduling! (As always, if you prefer to schedule directly with me, that is an option.) However, we recognize that Wisconsin weather is varied and changeable. Our new shelter is weather resistant, so while a light sprinkle of rain may actually be soothing during massage, a heavy storm will not.

Flexibility will be a key factor in appointments this summer. Any cancellation or rescheduling due to weather will not require any change fee. I will be happy to refund any monies already paid or hold them for you until your appointment is rescheduled and completed.

If an unexpected storm arrives during the massage, your fees will be prorated and the unused portion returned or held over for your next massage. It will be an adventure, and I am confident we can make this work!

 There’s a reason airlines recommend putting on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Life can be so busy. Balancing the needs of work, family, friends and health can sometimes fee l like a full-time job on its own. It’s time to take some time for YOU.

Step into tranquility. Smell the subtle scents of essential oils, see the soothing colors of nature around you. Soft lighting and beautiful music surround you.

Grace & Ease offers a wide range of therapeutic massage services, and can help you choose the right treatment to meet your needs.

Experience your personalized therapeutic massage treatment without worrying about parking or traffic. Grace & Ease for Body, Mind & Soul is located in a quiet neighborhood in a private home. Easy to find and even easier to let go of your cares while enjoying holistic renewal of your mind, body and soul.

Whether you are here for relaxation or recovery, Grace & Ease is a nurturing, caring, quiet place to take time for yourself.


Utilizing a combination of Swedish, Esalen, Trigger Point and energy work, Leslie offers a number of therapeutic massage options with a combination that will work for you to reduce stress, increase circulation, assist in alleviating pain and help your body to deeply relax.

  • Half hour – $45 ~ Usually upper body (head, neck, shoulders, back), but able to customize with you to suit your needs
  • One hour – $75  ~ Full body or upper body with intensive back work
  • Winter Feet Refresher – $30 ~ Soothing gentle himalayan pink salt-coconut oil scrub followed by moisturizing essential oil and massage creme foot massage
  • 15 minute Stress Relief – $20 ~ Your choice of neck & shoulders or head, hands & feet.




LaSTONE THERAPY (Not currently available during summer; may be returning this fall.)

LaStone Therapy is a healing modality utilizing heated and cooled stones. The Stones are placed under the sheets in a design which supports your spine and gently warms the muscles of your back. Imagine yourself on a warm, soft, white sand beach ~ that is what the warm stones feel like underneath your soft sheets, supporting you. More heated stones are placed over the top sheet, so you feel sandwiched and supported in gentle warmth. The massage is then done with heated, oiled stones, gently and deeply working the tension from your body.

  • Half hour – $55 ~ Usually Upper Body, but can be customized to your needs
  • One hour – $85 ~ Full Body or Upper Body Intensive Work



Sometimes the best treatment option is a combination of heated stones and traditional massage modalities. You and Leslie will work together to decide the most effective use of  heat and traditional massage to meet your needs.

  • Half Hour Combination – $50
  • One Hour Combination – $80





A perfect way to introduce yourself to massage, have a quick stress relief treatment or enjoy a break at work. You remain fully clothed, there is no oil or lotion involved and, since the chair is very portable, Leslie can either treat you at her home office or at the location of your choice.

  • 15 Minute Stress Relief (head, neck, shoulders, upper back) – $20
  • 30 Minute Upper Body (head, neck, shoulders, full back) – $35 



Gift Certificates are available in any amount for any treatment.  Contact Leslie at or call her at 715-497-2972 and she will be happy to mail a gift certificate to you or to the recipient. Gift Certificates may also be purchased and picked up onsite. Grace & Ease is able to accept cash, personal checks, credit cards and PayPal.