Solitude, whether by choice or by force, gives us an opportunity to review, rethink and reinvent our ways of being in the world.

New Update 6/14/2020


Well, I have not had in-person, face-to-face appointments with massage and intuitive guidance clients since March 18. What a journey we are on! While it has been challenging for each of us in our own way, the good news is that we truly are all in this together. While I miss seeing all of you in person, this has given me the time and opportunity to create some new ways of being of service and support for you.

I’m excited to announce that I am now available for intuitive guidance sessions and The ALL Game Online for you. We can “meet” one of three ways:

  • We can connect in a Zoom meeting for your appointment. After registering and paying for your session, I will email or text you a secure link to the scheduled Zoom call. I will record the meeting, if you wish, and will send you a link to an audio recording of the session in the Cloud. However, the link and recording will be deleted after one week (for your privacy). There is no additional charge for a Zoom intuitive guidance session. If you do not wish to have the call recorded,  I will be happy to send you, via email or text message, a photo of any angel or oracle cards drawn, as well as any additional support information we discuss during your appointment.





    • We can connect via phone for your appointment. While I will not be recording our conversation, you may, at your own discretion, record the call if you wish. I will be happy to send you, via email or text message, a photo of any angel or oracle cards drawn, as well as any additional support information we discuss during your appointment. 
    • You can choose to receive your session in an email as a pdf. Perhaps you prefer having something written down that you can refer to time and time again, highlighting pertinent passages and incorporating into your own journaling. Email sessions are available to purchase in a range of styles and prices. Written sessions are currently arranged by contacting me at
    1.  For a brief overview of your current situation with some clarity for immediate next steps, a 2-5 card reading is best. You’ll receive the reading, as well as photos of the cards pulled for you to be able to view on your own. $35
    2. If you would like a deeper exploration into one life situation (relationships, finances, vocation, personal growth, etc.), a 7-9 card reading will be most helpful for you. As above, you receive photos of the cards along with a written summary of the reading. $60
    3. For a deeper dive into any area or a more complete picture of where you are currently and what will be helpful for you to consider going forward, a 9+ card reading is best. Complete with photos, you’ll receive in-depth information for you to consider in making your own life choices. $75

    Awareness. Love. Light. The ALL Game. There are some ALL Game events already scheduled (click button below for scheduling and registration), but if you would like a Game scheduled for a different day or time with your own small group of up to three people, please contact me at and I am happy to make arrangements with you.

     NEW UPDATE 3/18/2020

    In light of new recommendations both from the State of Wisconsin and my professional association, ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals), Grace & Ease will be on temporary hiatus until further notice. If you have a currently scheduled appointment, please note that I will be contacting you today and throughout the week to reschedule your appointment for a later date. My current plan is to reopen the week of April 13, but please recognize that our situation is fluid and I will be assessing the best decisions to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible.

    I will be continuing to do online intuitive guidance and am developing several ideas of launching “virtual” ALL Games. Since my calendar will be “closed,” please contact me directly at or 715-497-2972 to make arrangements for these.

    I am wrapping you all up in huge love; please consider yourself virtually hugged!


    UPDATE: PLEASE – If you feel unwell, or have been around anyone who has been feeling ill, even if you have not been tested or diagnosed with ANY illness, not just COVID-19, please contact me to reschedule your appointment at a later date. NOT sharing is caring. Thank you so much for doing your part in keeping everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

    Just a wee heads up – this will be a long post.

    In this uncertain time, I know a few things for sure. I am blessed with wonderful family and friends, and I absolutely LOVE my work and my clients. I am honored that you, literally, place yourselves in my hands. 

    These past few days, as more and more closures take place (schools, universities, performance centers, etc.) and businesses and organizations seek to find ways to remain in communication with employees, clients and patrons by practicing social distancing through distance learning, streaming performances, conference calls, emails, texting and good old-fashioned phone calls, I have sought to determine how best I can continue to be of service to you all and still honor the increasing imperative for less social interaction to do my best to #flattenthecurve. 

    Having my practice in my home allows me the luxury of knowing that I am doing all I can to keep it, and my practice, virus-free. My household is currently very healthy and to the best of my knowledge we have not been in any contact with anyone who has been exposed to the virus. I continue and intensify practices I have always used: clean and disinfect before and after every client, sheets are sanitized with bleach and hot water after each use, my hands are washed a gazillion times daily (just kidding, but really, as a health practitioner and former food business owner, I have had the 20-30 second hand-washing thing down for 30+ years), etc.

    All that being said, I feel a strong responsibility to do my best to limit the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, I am limiting my practice at this time to one single client per day. I feel that you can then confidently come into my home, knowing that you are in a low-risk environment and will be able to relax and enjoy your massage. In addition, I will not be doing any head/face work at this time, to continue to limit any possible transference of the virus. And, of course, if you prefer to cancel and reschedule your appointment at a future date yourself, I completely support your decision.

    I will be contacting everyone who has a current appointment individually to discuss rescheduling options.

    While I am limiting my therapeutic massage work, I am available for online intuitive guidance work and am also excited about setting up the opportunity for a “virtual” ALL Game to be played online. Please contact me if you are interested in further information about these ways to stay connected, get centered, and discover your best means of living in this current, new way of being in the world. You can schedule online intuitive guidance here through the Intuitive Guidance section, email me at or call 715-497-2972. Virtual ALL Game information will be coming soon here and on my Facebook page, Grace & Ease.