The ALL Game

Awareness. Love. Light. The ALL Game. A board game played by 3-5 players, it is led by a Guide (Leslie). The ALL Game playfully explores self-discovery and personal growth, intuition, and creativity while building community as the players support one another in a confidential, caring environment.

Based on the principle of Synchronicity, you journey with the The ALL Game on the spiral path of life. First, you choose a token to represent yourself on the board. Then, taking turns, you explore these 7 Paths: Security – Pleasure – Energy – Relationship – Willingness – Mind – Oneness.

Rolling dice, you land on squares in each Path which allow you to draw cards representing Strengths (circles) and Transitions (half-circles) in that area of your life. Other squares call for different actions, such as tapping your intuition to change course, having an interpersonal encounter with another player, or pausing to consider what you have already learned on this path.


The Game is arranged in a circular fashion, symbolizing that each path in life is as important as every other. The ALL Game is designed so that no matter how many times it is played, there are always new insights to be gained about the inner workings of our selves.


In effect, there is never an end…only new beginnings.

The ALL Game is a wonderful way to meet new people in a caring environment, as well as to connect more deeply with friends. Whether you choose to sign up by yourself for a new group or gather friends together (games are limited to 5 players + Guide),  begin your journey on the 7 Paths today! Games last 3 hours, with a 15 minute stretch/food break, and cost $45/person.